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School Welcome

Welcome To

Mayplace Primary School

Igniting The Spark of Learning


Mrs Singleton                        Mrs Mander 





Our Topics this Year
Take a look at the learning we have planned for each half term and some online resources linked to our topics that you may find helpful.



This half term we will be working towards achieving the following targets. We have found some helpful online resources linked to the targets if you wish to support your child further with these targets at home. 



Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, and denominators that are multiples of the same number

Read and write decimal numbers as fractions [for example, 0.71 = 71/100 ]


Retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction

Understand what they read by identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning


Use brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis

Evaluate and edit by ensuring the consistent and correct use of tense throughout a piece of writing

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