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Mayplace Primary School

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This half term we will be working towards achieving the following targets. We have found some helpful online resources linked to the targets if you wish to support your child further with these targets at home. Click the blue targets to access the links.



I can read and write the numbers and words from zero to twenty.

I can recall number bonds to 10.




I can explain how a character might be feeling. 
Listen to ‘The Runaway Iceburg’

Questions to discuss with your grown-up about ‘The Runaway Iceberg’ story:

How do you think Gaspar felt when the iceberg floated further and further out, and they could no longer see land?

Did Rossi (Gaspar’s sister) feel a different way to Gaspar, when the iceberg floated away?

How do you think Gaspar and Rossi felt when the blue whale asked if they needed help?

Why did Gaspar shriek when the ice started melting?

How would Gaspar and Rossi’s family have felt when they got back home safely?


I can read phase 5 words.



I can spell the words: because, said, have, like, come, some, what and when.

I can write the alphabet in lower case and uppercase.






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