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Mayplace Primary School

Igniting The Spark of Learning

Our Connecting Classrooms Journey

Connecting with Presec Primary in Ghana

We have established a link with Presec Primary school in Ghana in association with the British council. We have located Ghana using maps and labelled our own maps of Ghana and drew the flag of Ghana. We have learnt about the weather, food and landscape of Ghana.

Year 5 also had lots of fun writing individual letters to the children in class 5 which we have posted. We have had a live video conference with Class 5 and it was very exciting to see their faces and also able to compare Presec Primary to Mayplace Primary.


Update from Presec 4:

Firstly we had fruitful interactions between the grade 5 pupils of Presec Staff 4 Basic and their counterparts at Mayplace Primary School virtually. We learnt about each other's country and had opportunity to know each other both pupils and staff. 


Both schools embarked on the green house project. This led to greening of our immediate environment. We constructed a nursery bed for a variety of seedlings, which we then transplanted unto our field.


In other to boost their creative and imaginative thinking we engaged the lower classes to make pictures of the Edir Adha celebrations. 


We also participated in a cultural festival organized for schools in the municipality of which Presec came tops. 

The kids were taught how to perform certain indigenous dance ensembles and other cultural values and practices. This deepened their knowledge of their cultural heritage.


We organized a career day for the kids as one of the activities in fulfilment of the outcomes. This was to motivate them and give them confidence and believe in themselves. The pupils were given the opportunity to put on the uniform or attire of the particular profession they wish to pursue. 

The pupils were tasked to research on the importance and relevance of the professions they chose to the society and humanity as a whole. 


A career counselling programme was undertaken to expose the kids to the academic commitments they would have to take in order to achieve these dreams. Old students of Presec from various professional persuasions  were invited to counsel them.


We also organized spelling Bee competitions and took part in the 'global hand washing day' organized by Madina Municipal Assembly which we placed 1st.


Rotaract under the auspices of the rotary club of East Legon and Presec Staff Schools organized a worship for the female students during the 'girl child day' celebration under the theme "Digital Generation Our Generation." The female pupils where exposed to ICT knowledge and skills. 


We also undertook a project of ensuring the integration of global citizenship into a structured green curriculum by exposing the pupils through activities that pose a threat to our environment. 


In this regard we introduced the "litter designation system."  We sought to separate plastics and rubber litter from organic and papers. This was done on a pilot basis. We intend to expand and sustain it. 


We participated in the global goals week. Emphasis was placed on specific SDG goals of  for example the goals #2; hunger, #4; inclusive education, #5; gender equality and # 13; climate change

Activities were designed to achieve these goals such as  debates which sought to drum home the SDG goal#5  , poetry recitals on inclusive education which was suppose to achieve the outcome of goal #4, special planting of fruit crops was also an activity embarked upon in one of the days of that week celebration which also addressed goal #2 and #13  , These activities where preceded by a well organized launching of the goals week which had the Circuit Supervisor of Presec Staff Schools Mr Baidoo gracing the occasion together with the girl-child coordinator. The key note address was given by the head of the school Mrs Eugenia Pardie. 



Presec 4 





Reviving the Polytunnel!

A huge thank you to our parent volunteers Simon Kingman, Lee Hemblen, Nadine Blake and Tom Canaway who gave up their time on Tuesday to help Miss Johnson and Ms Flaherty at our Outdoor Learning Working Party.


This amazing team effort helped to clear and prepare our polytunnel in preparation for our innovative project ‘Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning.’ We have been successful in establishing a partnership with a school in Ghana and are about to start working on a growing project together.


Year 5 cannot wait to get started! Watch this space...








Volunteer Working Party - Clearing the Polytunnel

Planting in the Polytunnel


Our Green Wall

A large part of our Ghana project is to do with growing our own food and using sustainable resources. The children have planted vegetable seeds, herbs all ready to be placed in raised beds next term. 


Year 5, along with the help of Mr Canaway, are working towards creating a "green wall” out of recycled plastic bottles like the one shown in the image below. They will be growing herbs with the intention of then using the herbs in the school canteen or community. 


Thank you to those of you that have already donated bottles and plants for this project. We will keep you updated on our progress...



Our progress so far...

Our Greenhouse

Mr Canaway has been busy building us a greenhouse from recycled materials. We can't wait to see the finished product and start using it to help us develop our growing projects further!

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