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Speaking and Listening

Speaking is at the heart of learning and planned opportunities for talk allow children to experiment with, rehearse and control language. We recognise that talk is fundamental to children’s development and learning. Speaking and listening supports the learners understanding and use of language. Children are encouraged to become confident speakers and active listeners through a range of planned experiences. Children are specifically taught and encouraged to use of correct standard English within the classroom.


We want all of our children to become critical thinkers, and as such all staff include key questions in English lessons to generate and promote thinking skills. Oracy is a key aspect of this intent: children work collaboratively during lessons to discuss ideas about a text or their work, before explaining and justifying their ideas to the class.

Daily ERIC times allow pupils to read to adults in class and discuss the books they are reading.

Adults read aloud to children daily (while asking questions to deepen understanding) and provide opportunities for children to read aloud, as well as performing their own and others’ writing in order to further embed their understanding of language and its rules.


Examples of speaking and listening within the classroom:

  • Stories, songs & poems

  • Storytelling

  • Describing events, observations and experiences

  • Giving reasons for actions

  • Explaining ideas and opinions in discussion and responding to others

  • Planning, predicting and investigating in small groups

  • Presentation to different audiences

  • Debating

  • Reading aloud

  • Imaginative play and role play

  • Drama

  • Reader’s theatre

  • Hot seating

  • Talk partners

  • Talk for writing

  • Listening to tapes and CDs

  • Circle time.

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