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Mayplace Primary School

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Green Curriculum

Mayplace Curriculum Intent


Our Green Curriculum is designed to ensure that every child:

  • achieves their potential regardless of ability, gender, race, religion or culture.
  • recognises their role as a global citizen within an ever-changing world.


Our Green Curriculum equips our children with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their educational journey.  


At Mayplace, we nurture lifelong learners who are driven by high aspirations and have a love of learning. Our Green Curriculum promotes inclusivity, diversity and acceptance of others. Irrespective of their starting point, every child who leaves Mayplace has the capacity and self-belief to succeed and achieve their personal and academic goals.  


We believe that a love of literature is a key aspect of our well-rounded curriculum, and helps to establish children as members of society who strive to empathise with others, understand the world around them and their place within it. All adults in school, work together to create a culture of readers and writers with the language and skills to express themselves clearly and effectively. Developing confidence in reading and comprehension, and establishing a love of reading and literature, is crucial to this culture.  


The Green Curriculum sparks a desire within our children to have a greater understanding of the environment and ecological issues, and encourages children to connect with the outdoors. It supports children in making connections between what they learn in school; how this is reflected in their local environment and how this in turn relates to their place within the global community. It is important that our children are accountable for themselves and others and understand where they fit into the wider world. Once they recognise this, they can then develop a greater understanding of the fact that their choices matter and they have a voice that deserves to be heard.



The Primary First Trust has the following overarching educational concepts and all of the schools consider this when designing their own bespoke curriculum:


Knowledge - Know the world

Personal Development - Know yourself

Connectivity - Know how it all fits together


In doing so, our family of Primary First Schools nurture happy, confident and capable young people ready to play their full part in the world at large.

For further information regarding our Green Curriculum, please visit our Class Pages or contact

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