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At Mayplace, we understand that a strong Physical Education curriculum provides more than just physical activity. The skills that are learnt through Physical Education not only allow pupils to progress within a school setting, but also provide them with invaluable skills to carry through life. A strong Physical Education curriculum enables children to become confident leaders, effective communicators and valued members of a team. This increased confidence, knowledge and skill allows children to adapt to a range of situations in which they may be placed.


Our Physical Education curriculum is planned to focus on progressive learning which ensures development by every pupil. It fosters creativity and strategical thinking in all learners through exposing them to a variety of different roles such as coaching and performing. Showing children that there is more to Physical Education than just participating in the sport has a positive impact on pupil engagement. It provides an opportunity for children to communicate and experience leadership. Children are taught the importance of physical activity and what needs to be done to ensure this is carried out safely. For example, an active warm up and static cool down.


Our PE units have been chosen specifically to allow children to build on and revisit prior skills. From this, we are able to track a clear progression as children move through the school. This can be seen through the sequenced lessons and ambitious planning which allows children to experience a broad range of activities, including team sport, outdoor adventure activity and dance.

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Mayplace Primary School is part of The Primary First Trust Limited, a company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales number 08738750 and an Exempt Charity

Registered Address: The White House, Clifton Marine Parade, Gravesend DA11